Grounds For Cautious Optimism encompasses a number of works produced from the end of 2016 and through 2017. It is also the title of Jones' solo exhibition featuring a number of these.

Excerpt from a text by Dan Allen for the exhibition Grounds For Cautious Optimism:

'Benjamin Jones’ photographic work documents the transient way we interact with a particular place. Whether it be a landscape, an object in a room, or the remnants of a game, each artwork is charged with a sense of loss. The representational space around an object, or indeed in-between images is often given greater significance than the object itself. As a result, these depicted objects or spaces take on a human-ness. We start to view them as extensions of oneself, with images charged more by absence than presence. It is here that the work finds it’s mojo. Although the artist is at pains to ensure narrative is established and not forced, and that the work is as much about us all as it is about himself, the biographical undertone is unquestionable. Art cannot be anything other than biographical, but recognising the viewer’s status in the interpretative process is crucial and often misjudged in contemporary practice.'