Unique diptychs, 182 x 152.75cm / 152.75cm x 182 cm giclée prints mounted to aluminium.

Replicas is a series of large scale photographic works depicting constructions made from paint, graphite, solvent and other materials. Through the high resolution reproductive capacity of large format film, these constructions take on the guise of landscapes. 

We have a distinct familiarity with images of landscape, both artistic and scientific. Having been constructed and photographed in a studio, these works invoke a false idea of place, one both familiar and the antithesis of. These are fictions which use a technological viewpoint to relate the constructions to scientifically derived imagery, using this language of analysis to imply the prospect of somewhere unexplored. Equally, they are about the ability of photography to distort our perception of a subject. In displaying these images away from their objects, there is a loss of contact and this potential for misrepresentation is utilised. The image provides an abstract framework for association as well as imagination.